Friday, August 15, 2008

Your Personal-Live-Savings

Live-savings are accounted in your Owndated-Timestock-Counter on your webcashaccount at the moment of its material constitution by the datevaluation of 10€uros parcels for cash-results in Economy 4G3W.

What are live-savings ?

Well, they are Owndated Webquantums properties. It means webjuristhings properties. Or money links or if you prefer to easy understand just call : personalized money.

It's time to adjust to the current reality and do the best with you have. Looking at some differences between your money and your personalized money or live-savings :

May be you may feel that any parcel of personalized money (which you may reverse the datevaluation to return to your 10€uros/each in classic bank-money) it is for you 1 personal-cashkeeping- creation released at 1 webdated-time for web-working to increase your economic life performance and making dynamic-part of your wealth construction.

May be you may feel that any parcel of personalized money it is one 1 Timestock (the webdate of your OW creation) which you may deal as a better time factor to share cash production. Only the owners (datevalors) of personalised money are interested in the Owned_Timestock_Market where you may deal to win more-an-more webcashmatic plusvalues in cashkeeping mode.

May be you may feel that any parcel of personalized money it is 1 Timestock-Option-Multiplier (TOmulty) to multiply money by the Web-daily_12 o'clock_New York_cash-results-publisher [D12NYTOM ( imagine something like Yonky)]. Only datevalors persons are interested in the TOmulty - where you may deal to win more-and-more webcashmatic plusvalues allways in cashkeeping mode.

And may be your brain prefer the free tagvaporator part of your free webcashmotor into your personal Motor-for-Savings.

Any and all the advantages of your personalized money are a personal discovery.

Now take care :

With your live-savings you never get any payment on an interest rate base. Because the live-savings or your personalized-money are assets accounted in a number of 1 or more properties - the Owndated Webquantums of your money-at-money links. You put your 1 cell_ow_production you receive 1 cash-shared_production-result. That is all. Because just you webdate your CashPut for your much more CashCall.

And this is the reason why you will refuse more-and-more the old mechanics Credit/Debit. It is because in the upgraded Economy 4G3W you keep your bank-finantial-power for your own economic life performance.

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